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Get Your Business Started with Us

A lot of people want to start their own business, but they refrain from starting just because of the fear of loss in business or because they lack expertise in this field, but at Lfyd we work as a family. Our business development managers are specially trained to help you in every way possible to get you started. You don’t need to worry about anything so submit your business proposal and Let us take care of the rest.

Join our Exclusive Membership Network

When any person joins our membership network, it becomes our prime responsibility to find customers for them and other than that he joins the elite club of millions of other businessmen across India so one person can buy and sell directly from another one across India with amazing discount.
  • Lfyd's Business Partner - 499/month or 3999/year (Small businesses/startups)
  • Lfyd's Business Elite Partner - 899/month or 7999/year (Medium level businesses)
  • Lfyd's Business Premium Partner - 1499/month or 14999/year (Substantial Level business)

Invest Your Land With Us

You might have a plot of land which has been kept unused for quite a while and you have no use of it for the next few years, then why to keep it wasted like that. Get your land invested with us in any of our approved projects without the worry to change any ownership. Your property will be utilized in some business and you will be earning a good chunk of that profit while having the full ownership with you and you can take back your property anytime you want without any hassle.

Free Business Advice for Everyone

Our main motto for starting this organization is to empower the Indian people and to provide them a helping hand for their business so they can contribute more in the Indian economy So if you have a business idea need any advice for that or your ongoing business just give a call to our business advisors that’s on us we won’t charge you a single penny for that.

Our Features

Exclusive Network Across India

We at Lfyd connects you with millions of other businessmen Like you so that you can sell or buy the products and services with upto 25% additional discount from them.

Easy and Fast Answer

We have a dedicated team of experts anytime you need and by the way, our business representatives are just a call away from your location.

No additional Paperwork

Availing any finance can be a cumbersome task but not with us. We do all the legal and other paper works for you so that you can focus on your business.

Everything Covered

From providing the funds till completing all legal formalities we cover everything for you, What we need from you is your dedication towards your business and we will cover the rest.

Increase your Sales

There are millions of other members spread across India wherever you are who will prefer to purchase a product from you rather than your competitors because you choose to join our membership network.

Accumulation Goals

What makes us different is Our goals. Our main goal is to make your business successful in the market and we always keep ourselves focused to achieve this. We always aim to establish and give recognition to every individual small business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce unemployment by making people an employer themselves so that the number of unemployed in our country reduces up to a large extent and we are 100% dedicated to our goal.

What makes us different is Our goals. Our main goal is to make your business successful in the market and we always keep ourselves focused to achieve this.

Our vision is to revolutionize the Fintech sector and to take it one step ahead of just giving loans to people for staring business. Our vision is to give a normal netizen enough courage that he won't hesitate to take any risk while starting and running his or her business.